Private Violin Lessons

violin private lesson

Violin Lesson Program

Fremont Mission Music Institute (FMMI) provides violin lessons for both children and adults.

The first violin lessons will be focused on the position of the body while playing the violin, the ear training, and the bowing. In the private lessons, the teacher will get the chance to work one-on-one with the student in order to perfect their playing. The student will get the teacher's full attention in order to quickly advance in their muscial skills. We also offer group violin lessons. The class will cover basic violin technique plus note reading, composers, ensemble playing, and music theory. The objective of this class is to promote the student's interest in music and the instrument through fun approaches.

Students are encouraged to perform in the Spring and Christmas Recitals as well as other ensembles and music competitions.

For more information or appointment for assessment, please email or call us at 510-438-9752.