What's New?

  Winter 2015 Recital!

12/12 (Sat) 9:15-12:45
Le Petit Trianon Theatre
12/13 (Sun) 2:00-6:00

Fremont First Methodist Church 12/19 (Sat) 5:45-8:15
Le Petit Trianon Theatre 12/20(Sun) 5:15-8:45
Le Petit Trianon Theatre


We are now offering Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Jazz Piano classes. Contact us for a try-out lesson!

Group Movement and Music Classes
E-mail or call us for a free try-out!

We offer group music lessons that teaches introduction to music concepts that will help your children develop a strong foundation on learning music and improving their creative minds

Very Little Mozart
for 2.5-3 year olds

Little Beethoven
for 4-5 year olds